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Grow Your Own Mistletoe Book

Add ‘Grow Your Own Mistletoe’ by Nick Wheeldon

Our Grow Your Own Mistletoe Books are a clear, concise, and richly illustrated colour A5 booklet featuring an effective and natural method of growing your own mistletoe.

Pickup your very own copy of "Grow Your Own Mistletoe" today for just £5.00 and you never know, give it a couple of years and you might be in the ’toe business yourself ;-)

If you'd like to learn more about growing your own mistletoe then check out our Growing Mistletoe page.

Christmas Bouquet

Add a Traditional Christmas Bouquet

Our Traditional Christmas Bouquets are hand crafted by the talented florists at our big brother site The perfect compliment to your mistletoe or holly, either as a gift, or treat yourself.

Add a Traditional Christmas Bouquet to your order for £29.00